Azzour to Mina Abdulla Pipeline

This project required four parallel pipelines, all crossing under ground services and roads. The completed pipelines will tansport sea water from the expanding power station at Azzour to a new water de-salination plant at MIna Abdullah to be produced into sweet water for use throughout Kuwait.

Prior to commencing shaft construction, advanced planning and co-ordination of all plant and personnel required clearance and approval as the location was in close proximity to active Kuwaiti and US Military bases.

Shaft works included dewatering, piling, timber installation and concrete works, with the completed jacking shafts measuring 16m x 11m at a depth of 6.5m.


Based on anticipated ground conditions we utilised two
upsized ISEKI TCC 1850 from our fleet and prior to starting the project both heads were armoured* to suit the expected aggressive conditions and shipped to Kuwait.

The ISEKI Unclemole TCC 1850 dealt extremely well with the ground conditions and production rates were greater than expected.

*Both machines were supplied, serviced and shipped by Specialist Plant Associates, part of the Joseph Gallagher Group of companies.