Microtunnelling pipelines and Kuwait’s fresh water supply

Microtunnelling pipelines continue to be a popular choice in the Middle East when it comes expanding infrastructure and utility services. In January of this year, the Minister of Electricity and Water, Essam Al-Marzouq signed a new contract to build a pipeline stretching from Mina Abdullah to areas of Julaiaa and Nuwaiseeb. The new pipeline will run from a water distribution plant and increase fresh water supply into these areas.

In 2013, Joseph Gallagher Middle East completed a similar microtunneling project for the Azzour to Mina Abdullah Pipeline. The completed pipeline now transports sea water from the power station at Azzour to the de-salination plant at Mina Abdullah

Microtunnelling pipelines are a non-disruptive method

Kuwait’s infrastructure sector is expected to grow by 15-20 percent as a result of the government’s current five-year plan (2015-2020) with several large infrastructure projects estimated at $124 billion.

Infrastructure projects often have a requirement to use a Non Disruptive Road Crossing (NDRC) method due to the location of the critical roads, so microtunnelling for placing pipelines and service routes is becoming increasingly popular in the Middle East.

Additionally, there is the added benefit of the small site footprint that is required when compared to open-cut methods, and typically the ‘trenchless’ method is environmentally a better choice. It reduces the need for imported back fill and therefore  quantities of incoming and outgoing materials, which in turn means less vehicle movements and disruption.

There is also the safety aspect, generally speaking microtunnelling is an inherently safer method compared with the risks that large open excavations pose to workers and the general public.

Joseph Gallagher Middle East, own and operate over 30 microtunnelling systems with internal diameters ranging from 250mm to 3000mm and ten of these machines are currently based between Bahrain, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi, meaning we can mobilise machines quickly across the region.

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